Is your old car a STRIKE OUT
STRIKE ONE - Its embarrassing to drive
STRIKE TWO - It costs Too much to maintain
STRIKE THREE - You owe More than its worth
Then Call that old car OUT Today

Get up to FOUR THOUSAND Nine Hundred and Ninety Seven dollars Off a New Mitsubishi or ANY Nicer Newer Car that YOU Choose During My Drive It Out Of The Park Sales Event.

Hey Upstate this is Jay Gilstrap with the Gilstrap Family Dealerships. The Truck Farm of Easley and #1 Easley Mitsubishi.Home of the 9999 Mitsubishi Mirage.
I’m celebrating two of Americas favorite pastimes BASEBALL and DRIVING.So this month you can hit a GRAND SLAM and get up to $4997 dollars Off a Nice Newer Car that you’ll Love to Drive.

Are you riding the bench because of credit issues?

My “For the People” Credit Approval Process goes to bat with the Banks and Lenders to help get YOU APPOVED and Back in the game Join the Major Leagues and start Driving the Nicer Newer Car that you Want and Deserve.

But Hurry because this game isn’t going into extra innings and the stadium goes black after we’ve helped 112 people Score a New Ride.
I’m Jay Gilstrap and I AM Your Dealer FOR the People


We know that shopping for a car can be a challenging experience. You start stressing out about negotiation, getting a good deal, dealing with your trade-in, coming up with money for a down payment, & qualifying for a loan. There are so many factors that it can start to feel overwhelming.
You’re not alone. We are here to help!

Not all dealerships are the same. We all sell similar cars at similar prices, but we don’t all share the same philosophy about how best to serve our customers. That’s what makes us different. We are a dealership FOR THE PEOPLE®.

Simply put, being FOR THE PEOPLE® means that we believe everybody deserves to drive a nicer, newer car. Our mission is to do whatever it takes to help our customers find, qualify for, and buy the perfect vehicle for their life.

We Promise to deliver a surprisingly enjoyable car buying experience that’s impossible to duplicate and completely unforgettable. We strive to provide more options, more insight, and more ? than our customers expect.

FOR THE PEOPLE® is more than a slogan. It’s part of who we are. It’s what we believe in. When you give us a chance to help you, you’ll believe in it too.

Reasons to purchase your next vehicle at The Gilstrap Family Dealerships

Our Exclusive Customers For Life Warranty

It’s really simple.
For as long as you own your car… We’ll Be There For You!
With $9.95 Oil Changes, Free Tire Rotations, Free Car Washes & A Lifetime Warranty. Read all about it CLICK HERE.

We treat you the way we would want to be treated!

The Golden Rule: Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You.
Our goal: A fun, successful dealership that makes a difference in the lives of our co-workers, customers, and community.

Our “No Gimmicks Pricing” is the price that everyone pays.

We don’t hide Military, College Grad, Owners Loyalty, or other hard to qualify for rebates in our price & we certainly don’t advertise “total of lease payments” as the selling price of a car like a lot of our competitors. Our price is for everyone, and as a matter of fact, you may even qualify for a lower price if you are Military (Thank You), College Grad (Congratulations), a Mitsubishi Owner (Thank You), or if you just catch us in a really good mood!

No Sharks On The Lot!

Our certified Mitsubishi Geniuses and Used Car Experts get paid a salary with customer service oriented bonus levels. That means you get the best price every time you purchase because the only thing in the equation is YOU.

Vehicle History Reports For Every Vehicle & Every Customer

Developed by Experian, AutoCheck vehicle history reports are highly valued by thousands of auto dealers, leading U.S. auto auctions, manufacturer certified pre-owned programs and lenders. We use these reports every day to ensure we are bringing you the very best vehicles available. We offer this service to you when making a purchase decision whenever you ask and its completely free of charge

Sometimes you make mistakes. Sometimes we make mistakes.

If you do choose to purchase a vehicle from us and change your mind for any reason, you have 72 hours to exchange it for something you do love, without someone hounding you. Mileage and vehicle condition restrictions apply. See a manager for details.

 2012 Lincoln MKX FWD 5d Wagon Elite at Gilstrap Family Dealerships near Easley, SC
2012 Lincoln MKX FWD
 2013 Dodge Charger 4d Sedan R/T Road/Track at Gilstrap Family Dealerships near Easley, SC
2013 Dodge Charger
 2013 Ford Edge FWD 4d Wagon SEL at Gilstrap Family Dealerships near Easley, SC
2013 Ford Edge FWD
 2012 Ram 1500 2WD Reg Cab Express at Gilstrap Family Dealerships near Easley, SC
2012 Ram 1500 2WD
 2013 Ford Escape FWD 4d Wagon SE at Gilstrap Family Dealerships near Easley, SC
2013 Ford Escape FWD
 2014 Kia Optima 4d Sedan LX at Gilstrap Family Dealerships near Easley, SC
2014 Kia Optima
 2014 Kia Soul 5d Wagon + at Gilstrap Family Dealerships near Easley, SC
2014 Kia Soul
 2014 Volkswagen Jetta Sedan 4d Sedan SE Auto/PZEV at Gilstrap Family Dealerships near Easley, SC
2014 Volkswagen Jetta Sedan
 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer 4d Sedan ES Auto at Gilstrap Family Dealerships near Easley, SC
2014 Mitsubishi Lancer
 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage 4d Hatchback DE 5spd at Gilstrap Family Dealerships near Easley, SC
2015 Mitsubishi Mirage
 2012 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2d Coupe GS AT at Gilstrap Family Dealerships near Easley, SC
2012 Mitsubishi Eclipse
 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage 4d Hatchback ES CVT at Gilstrap Family Dealerships near Easley, SC
2014 Mitsubishi Mirage
 2010 Jeep Wrangler 4WD 2d Convertible Sport at Gilstrap Family Dealerships near Easley, SC
2010 Jeep Wrangler 4WD