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It's A Ghost Town Over Here!

Help Liven Up My Lot And Treat Yourself To A Nicer, Newer® Car
AHH! I'm scared, Easley!

Jay here from Gilstrap Family of Dealerships.

My lot's so empty it looks like a GHOST TOWN.

So help me liven things up, and you could treat yourself to a Nicer, Newer® car.

You could save up to $3,000 based on the price of the BOOtiful car you pick.

Feeling haunted by past credit mishaps?

Don't be frightened! we're not worried about a couple of BOO-BOOs on your credit report.

But hurry! This deal's done at the stroke of midnight on Halloween night. *Credit requires bank approval. Negative equity may be refinanced. Vehicle purchase price determines actual discount. "Nicer, Newer" is a registered trademark used under license. Offer absolutely expires on October 31, 2021.